Our Scholars’ Blog has a new home!

The content from our Scholars’ Blog has been migrated to the scholarship’s main website at http://evecarsonscholarship.unc.edu/blog/. All new updates will now be posted to a tab on the main page and this site will be retired.

We hope the new format will help make it easier for both our scholars to post and their adoring fans to read 🙂


Julie Crimmins
Director of PR and Web Content, 2012-2013


One Response to Our Scholars’ Blog has a new home!

  1. Anne Miller says:

    I am saddened as this trial ends and none the less hopeful that in her spirit there will be good in this world. My respect for her family is without boundaries. I am a grad of the university and live nearby. We have yet again been cast into grief, though it in no way can meet that of her family.

    I am fighting hard for equal attention to the murder of Mr. Mahoto at Duke as I feel there was a connection there. I understad if the family does not have the energy to embrace that.

    God bless you all and you are surrounded with so much love from so many of us and hope you can feel it.

    Anne Miller

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